MEARL ‘Merseyside Emergence Area Radio Link’

RAYNET operates a shared service Repeater scheme.

From the diagram on the right you can see the operational area licensed by OFCOM. Two sites have been identified and leases secured to operate a VHF Hi Band service. This is in the same frequency band as the coastal shipping channels to allow existing users of coastal radio to be included in the scheme.

Each user service is given a permit by Merseyside RAYNET to add the repeater channel to their radios both handheld and vehicle mounted. We can even supply a radio in a case with back up battery and an external antenna. This may be operated from an office and may only require the antenna to be placed near or stuck to a window.

Each licensed user can then use the system whenever necessary for routine or operational purposes. Where exercises are being undertaken by a group advanced notice will keep other users clear but can still use the service if needs must.

Callsigns are given to each group to clarify users and operability.

CALL SIGNS example

RAYNET = RAY1 to x  or RAY CIX the latter may assist when using other kit
Merseyside Search and Rescue = MER1 to x or MER CONTROL
St John Ambulance = JOHN 1 to x or JOHN CONTROL
British Red Cross = RED 1 to x  or RED CONTROL
Coastguard = COAST 1 to x or COAST CONTROL or BOAT NAME
Land Rangers = LAND 1 to x or LAND CONTROL

Contact us if you would like to be included.

Council Emergency Planning Officers will use their Council name as callsign.

When used to cover an event a callsign will be added for the duration of that event.