RAYNET, The Radio Amateurs’ Emergency Network is the UK’s national voluntary communications service provided for the community by licensed radio amateurs.

This web site exists to promote the work of Merseyside RAYNET and to provide information for prospective users of RAYNET’s services, act as a link with the Membership and provide support at all levels.  Our services are designed to provide a one-stop resource, tailored to the needs of our partners.

The link below to the RAYNET UK national website provides information about RAYNET and its operations UK wide.

 There are many links to local Groups, information on membership and contact information for the organisation at all levels. The RAYNET weekly news and national event diary are also available on-line.

Interested in joining RAYNET? Groups are always on the lookout for anyone, Amateur Radio licensed or not, who has an interest in the aims of the organisation. To find your local contact, please complete our contact form.